Our specialized personal training programs consist of 1-6 players being coached for an hour at a time.  We do not believe it is effective to simply practice soccer for the sake of practice. At First Touch Soccer Academy we offer Individual Training focused on touches on the ball and building a relationship with the soccer ball using both feet.  This is accomplished by placing players in game scenarios as often as possible. During Individual Training, we emphasize: ball control, first touch, dribbling, ball striking, and quick feet. If you have a youth or teen who wants to take their game to the next level, our soccer training is the perfect addition to their soccer schedule.  


If you ask any high-level players: “What is your favorite thing to do in training?”  A majority of them will answer small-sided games. In small-sided games, you must think even quicker than you do in a regular game.  Small-sided games improve your movement of the ball and on the ball. Small-sided groups offer a competitive setting and are a great way to fully develop your skills. Players will improve all aspects of ball control, fitness and finishing, combined with defending.  

With fewer players on the field, each player has more opportunity to touch the ball, improve soccer skills, develop decision making, tactical knowledge, and phenomenal conditioning. 3 vs 3 increases awareness of each individual skills in both attacking and defensive situations and teaches a player to constantly transition.  It improves confidence by providing many chances to score goal after goal.


First Touch has facilities to accommodate 3 vs. 3 tournaments.  To register a team or find out more information about using our facilities for tournaments, please contact us.  All ages (children to adults) are welcome.


Athletes in all sports can benefit from the conditioning, and speed and agility training at First Touch.  Our drills and fitness routines can bring your game to the next level, regardless of whether you play soccer, football, baseball, hockey, rugby, volleyball, or tennis.  We focus on improving your speed, agility, and conditioning to help improve your performance and give you an edge over your opponent.



Individual / Fitness Training (50 min)

Session Price Price / Session
8 Sessions $440 $55
16 Sessions $800 $50
24 Sessions $1080 $45
32 Sessions $1280 $40

Small Group Training (50 min)

Session 3-4 Players
1 Session $90
5 Sessions $450
10 Sessions $750